A downloadable metaverse engine

NeosVR is a versatile metaverse engine based on a novel architecture that allows you to do anything in multiplayer VR: explore, socialize, learn, create, build, develop and share all in one virtual universe.

It is built on a novel powerful architecture that offers engine-like flexibility while making multiplayer and cloud features the standard. We took a great effort to make a very solid foundations to build everything else on (which is why it took so long, but we believe it was worth it).

This gives creators, engineers, developers or scientists the ability to focus on the behavior of their creations and what makes them unique, with automatic support for a wide variety of VR devices, online collaboration/multiplayer and cloud functionality, both for the development and the project.

As an end user you can explore a rich virtual universe full of diverse creations with your friends, colleagues or classmates and use the virtual tools and devices you find for fun, art, education or content production.

What can you do with Neos?

Neos is designed to be a highly flexible and universal system that can give you a head start for wide variety of social VR activities. Here are examples of some things you can do with it and some key features it offers right now:


  • Dynamic multiplayer VR worlds - explore with your friends and edit/modify anything you see in real time
  • Explore a hub of rich and diverse experiences and things created in Neos by us and other users
  • Run multiple VR worlds at once - both hosted and joined sessions and switch between them like tabs in web-browser


  • Play with your friends or communicate with your colleagues
  • Meet random people in the virtual environments
  • Have fun with a wide variety of silly things that you can do thanks to Neos’ flexible system - like mapping your voice to the size of someone’s head
  • Use drawing and measuring tools or any other form of visualization to help you communicate your ideas to others
  • Build a virtual presentation of your company or product and communicate with your customers in  real time


  • Grab anything in any of the worlds and seamlessly transfer it to others - want to bring a paintbrush into an MRI visualization? Why not.
  • Integrated cloud service - save your worlds and creations to your personal cloud home or share them publicly
  • Render and record/stream real time perspective, 360 or mixed reality video from your worlds and sessions using another machine
  • Export 3D models and images (including 360 captures) from Neos
  • Everything works with everything


  • Neos has its roots as an educational software and building educational experiences is still a priority for us - check them out in the content hub!
  • Bring a variety of educational models and visualizations from various sources and create interactive, social learning environments
  • Project from VR onto a projector or dome in real time using one of the camera client modes


  • Import 40+ 3D model formats, including rigged and animated (based on Assimp)
  • Import 5+ audio formats
  • Import 30+ image formats (based on FreeImage)
  • Import 20+ video formats (based on VLC)
  • Import 3D volumetric textures (such as MRI scans)
  • Project videos with depth map in 3D space to create holograms
  • Project images and videos as stereo, 360 panoramas (or lower) or combination of both


  • Use a wide variety of brush tools prepared by us or other users (or build your own!) to create art and beautiful environments in VR
  • Create new materials at runtime, apply them to objects with the material gun or dip the brushes into them
  • Create avatars from absolutely anything
  • Import 3D models and add descriptive labels
  • Glue things together


  • Visual content building and editing tools
  • Use Neos to build your own VR home experience, using all the available features of the system and sync it to the cloud
  • Advanced, highly configurable, extensible and programmable brush system that allows you to make new kinds of brushes right within VR
  • Inverse kinematics for arbitrary rigged models. Optimized setup for full body biped rigs.
  • Use particle systems to create a wide variety of effects


  • Advanced Implicit networking model
  • Our in-house Visual programming system (LogiX) for everything
  • Scene and component inspector that gives access to the entire raw data model and scene hierarchy right within VR
  • Create and load CLR (C#, VB.Net…) assemblies to add new functionality (not dynamically right now for security reasons, see Early Access section for more info)
  • First class procedural generation - easily generate meshes, textures or sounds
  • Heavily multithreaded architecture to utilize all your CPU cores and prevent hiccups
  • Asynchronous texture uploading for any texture - continuously regenerate 8K RGBA textures without a single hiccup